Laboratory for Geophysical Flows Laboratory for Geodynamics

Support for the FoaLab comes from the following grants

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Deep Carbon Observatory modelling and vizualization forum II

Sloan Foundation grant. Apr 2018--Dec. 2020, $750k with PI Louise Kellogg, UC Davis.

European Research Council

Magma-assisted tectonics of continental rifts and mid-ocean ridges (RIFT-O-MAT)

Consolidator grant, European Research Council, ref. 772255
Oct 2018--Dec 2023, €2M to support 2 PDRAs and 1 PhD student


Two-phase dynamics of temperate ice

NERC grant NE/R000026/1. May 2017 -- April 2019, £240k. With Prof. Ian Hewitt (Mathematics, Oxford). Linked with NSF PIs Neal Iverson (Iowa State) and Lucas Zoet (Univ Wisconsin).

 Natural Environment Research Council

Mantle volatiles: processes, reservoirs and fluxes

Consortium grant NE/M000427/1, Natural Environment Research Council
Sept 2014--Dec 2019, £1.38M (with ~20 co-investigators)

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MAGMOx: Computational Models of Magma Dynamics

Oxford Advanced Research Computing/Oxford E-Research Centre
Ongoing cluster-computing provision to the FoaLab group.


Prior support for Katz and FoaLab

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Deep Carbon Observatory modelling and vizualization forum

Sloan Foundation grant. Nov 2015--Nov. 2017, $700k with PI Louise Kellogg and co-I Sujoy Mukhopadhyay, UC Davis.

European Research Council

Ice Ages, Sea Level, and Magmatism: Coupled Oscillations (ISMAGiC)

Starter grant, European Research Council, ref. 279925
Jan 2012--Dec 2016, €1.35M to support 2 PDRAs and 1 PhD student

 The Royal Society

Understanding sea-ice growth and brine rejection using adaptive-mesh simulations

Int'l Exchanges Grant. March 2015--March 2017, £11890.  With Prof. A. Wells (AOPP/Oxford) and Dr. D. Martin (LBNL, USA)

 Natural Environment Research Council

Philip Leverhulme Prize

From The Leverhulme Trust
Jan 2013--Dec 2015, £70,000 to support the group's research

 Natural Environment Research Council

Computational tools for magma dynamics of subduction zones: finite element models and efficient solvers

Standard grant NE/I026995/1, UK Natural Environment Research Council
Feb 2012--Dec 2014, £336,712 to support 1 PDRA for 3 years

 Research Councils UK

Research Councils UK Academic Fellowship

Research Councils UK
Oct 2007--Sept 2012, £125,000 as salary support for R. Katz

 University of Oxford

Oxford Laboratory for Geophysical Flows

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford
Jun--Jul 2011, £21,246 for equipment and materials

 The Royal Society

Material anisotropy in coupled magma/mantle dynamics: numerical simulations and analogue experiments

Travel grant, The Royal Society, UK
Sept--Oct 2011, £4,000 to support the visit of Prof. Y. Takei, ERI Tokyo

 Natural Environment Research Council

Coupled models of magma/mantle dynamics: melt transport at mid-ocean ridges and subduction zones

New Investigator grant, Natural Environment Research Council, UK
Aug 2009--July 2011, £55,000 for research & travel (NE/H00081X/1)

NSF International Research Fellowship Program

National Science Foundation International Research Fellowship Program

To Katz for postdoctoral research at the University of Cambridge
Sep 2006--Aug 2008, NSF Award 0602101

DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

To Katz for graduate study at Columbia University / LDEO
Sep 2001--Aug 2005