Laboratory for Geophysical Flows Laboratory for Geodynamics

Introduction to coupled magma/mantle dynamics

Lecture notes originally written for the 2011 Advanced School on Scaling Laws in Geophysics: Mechanical and Thermal Processes in Geodynamics, Abdus Salam Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste. THESE NOTES EVOLVED TO BECOME A BOOK.  Please see Princeton University Press.

Introduction to physical thermodynamics

Lecture notes from an undergraduate course (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) in Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford.

Mathematical problem solving for Earth sciences

Lecture notes on introductory time-series, Fourier analysis, and the diffusion equation from an undergraduate course (Second Year Mathematics) in Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford.


Lecture notes on Geodynamics (radial structure, gravity, rotation, fluid mechanics, convection) -- part of an undergraduate course for third-year students in Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford.

The shape of the Earth

Lecture notes on how rotation and gravitation balance to determine the shape of the Earth.  Notes from a lecture delivered to 2nd and 3rd-year Oxford students in the Department of Physics.